Full & Partial Vessel Chartering

Ship charter services can be structured to meet the specific needs of the following:

• Freight Forwarders
• General Sales Agents
• Automotive Industry
•Iron & Steel Industry

• Pulp and Paper Industry
• Wood and Plexi Industry
• Charities & Relief Organizations

• Oil & Automotive Industry
• Maintenance and Repair Plans
• Governmental Authorities

Pan Marine Shipping Services can import or export through any port worldwide, whether bulk, break bulk or containerized, full or part cargo, on any type of vessel. Ocean freight rates are contingent upon time charter, voyage charter, route, quantity, product type, and packaging and market conditions. Our dedicated team of experienced brokers and operations managers utilize established relationships and the latest technology to provide the highest level of service in the industry.

We charter vessels that correspond perfectly to the needs of the load / discharge cargo. We are able to design and carry out port-to-port shipping, and our expertise guarantees you a personalized approach to ship chartering.
We work in partnership with numerous ship-owners, rigorously selected based on privileged agreements. Our experience helps us know which factors are key to the success of a maritime project.

The first step to fulfill a successful charter, is to understand our clients’ needs.
We take the time necessary to learn your goals in order to find the best solution. We then look for the most cost-effective freight rate available and negotiate each client’s preferred terms and conditions. Our highly trained vessel chartering team and global relationships give us exclusive access to negotiate freight in the global market.


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